Colon Cleansing and Good Health

Colon cleansing provides many health benefits and has been practiced for years as a way to achieve good health.  You can rid yourself of unwanted and aggravating symptoms with a colon cleansing procedure.   Colon cleansing for good health will remove impacted feces and encourage good bacteria in our colons to promote healthy digestion.  Colon cleansing also helps to detoxify and cleanse the kidneys, liver, gallbladder and appendix.

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Believe it or not, the average American colon can contain up to twenty five pounds of impacted feces.  Heavy set people may have even more feces impacted in their colons.  By removing the impacted feces, colon cleansing can help patients to lose weight and rid themselves of toxins, in addition to many other health benefits.  Impacted feces can remain in a patient’s colon for days, weeks, months and even years.  In fact, it is not at all abnormal for feces to remain in the colon for twenty years or more!

colon healthA colon cleansing treatment may last anywhere from a half an hour to an hour.  About thirty gallons of warm water will be gently pushed into the colon and back out again during the procedure.  Although it seems like a lot of water, it is necessary to completely cleanse the colon of impacted feces. The procedure with abdominal massage to aid in the expulsion of waste.   You may need to have up to three colon cleansing sessions at first to completely cleanse the colon. 

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After your colon is cleansed, you may experience lighter and more frequent bowel movements.  You may feel more energized and many of your unwanted symptoms may reduce in intensity.

Colon cleansing isn’t confined to patients who have poor health. Almost anyone can benefit from colon hydrotherapy.  Many people who are interested in maintaining good health have regular colon cleansings.  Many doctors and therapists are now offering colon cleansing as a service to their patients, in addition to other types of beneficial therapy.  It is very important to consult with your doctor before having a colon cleansing procedure.

Colon cleansing for good health can help many people turn their lives around.  People who have experienced regular headaches, unexplained weight gain and fatigue will find that many of their symptoms disappear after a colon cleansing session.  If you’re looking to improve your health, you can consider colon hydrotherapy.  With a few simple steps and a visit to a trained colon specialist, you can reap the benefits from colon cleansing for good health.

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NINGTYAS: Body Detox with Colon Cleansing
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