Home Remedies For Constipation

Constipation is caused due to infrequent bowel movement. A person suffering from constipation experiences pain and frustration. This condition may occur at any point in a person’s life. Read on to know more about the home remedies for constipation.

Constipation - Remedies at Home

constipation, you might experience dissatisfaction with bowel evacuation. According to physicians, a person suffers from constipation when he has less than three bowel movements per week. Generally, bowel movements decrease with age. The ideal bowel movement is one per day; however, bowel movements between three and 21 times per week are considered normal. Constipation takes its severe form when one experiences less than one bowel movement in a week. In the United States, mostly people suffer from constipation due to gastrointestinal disorder. This is caused due to high consumption of processed foods or fast foods, which are low in natural fiber content.

constipation home remedies


constipation remedies

Causes of Constipation

constipation can reoccur


chronic constipation

You may have constipation due to low consumption of liquids, such as water and juice. Sufficient intake of water and juices adds liquids to your colon (the last part of the digestive system), which extracts water and salt from solid wastes before they are eliminated from the body. Constipation may occur when the colon absorbs excess water than the normal absorption. Slow muscle contraction of the colon can also cause constipation, as stools will take longer time to reach the rectum. As a result, hard and dry stools pass out.

Constipation occurs mainly due to poor diet and lack of exercise. To treat constipation, knowledge about its causes is essential. Constipation can be caused due to these factors:

  • Poor diet having low fiber content, for example, fast or junk food
  • Dehydration
  • Stress
  • Side effects of medicines like antacid
  • Consumption of fats, such as eggs, meat, butter, cheese, etc.
  • Resisting the urge to have a bowel movement
  • Excessive use of stool softeners, such as chemical drugs, which have side effects, may lead to constipation
  • Depression
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Colon cancer
  • Stroke
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Problems in intestinal function
  • Over-consumption of tea, coffee and excess smoking

Home Remedies
Constipation is not a serious disease; often it may be a symptom of serious ailments such as hypothyroidism. In some cases, people may have constipation followed by headache and abdominal pain. This can be cured at home too. The homemade remedies or sometimes natural laxatives can help you to mitigate the problem of constipation. The homemade remedies are less harmful in comparison to other medicines.

Mixture of castor oil and milk: Mix two spoons of castor oil in warm milk and drink it every alternative day. It will improve your bowel movement and cure your chronic constipation problem.

Drink warm water: Try to get up early in the morning and drink maximum amount of lukewarm water. Make this your regular activity and you can get relief from constipation.

Mixture of triphala-churna: Triphala, an herb which is used as an Ayurvedic medicine. Mix it with water and drink it everyday in the morning. This will help you in cleaning your bowel.

Drink warm lemon water: Squeeze the juice of lemon into lukewarm water and drink it. This will provide you the necessary amount of fluids, which help in curing constipation.

Consumption of fiber-rich diet: Proper diet, rich in fiber content can help you in overcoming the problem of constipation. Fiber-rich food includes beans, cereals, fruits and vegetables.  

fiber rich diet for constipation fiber rich diet for constipation remedies high fiber diet for chronic constipation
Regular exercise: Constipation often occurs due to lack of physical activity. So do regular exercise to improve your bowel movement.

Change your lifestyle: Develop the habit of early sleeping and early rising. To keep your body sound, you should sleep for eight hours a day. Consume fresh vegetables and fruits when hungry and avoid overeating.

Use of asafetida, cumin powder, turmeric powder and coriander: While you are cooking, use cumin powder, turmeric powder, asafetida and coriander, which make the food easily digestible.

Consume pulses, cereals and vegetables at different meals: Do not consume pulses, cereals and vegetables at the same time. Make a balanced dietary list and follow it. It will help in softening the hard and stiff stool.

Besides these

These homemade remedies, which have no side effects, can cure your constipation problem. The important thing is that you should consume healthy foods and do regular physical activities. Drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning may also help you cure constipation.

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By Ajanta Bhattacharyya
Published: 12/6/2008


Pets Constipation

How Healthy Is Your Cat’s Colon?

Has your cat become constipated recently? It’s more common then you may think. Learn about cat constipation, feline colon disorders and methods for maintaining healthy colons in cats.

When it comes to colon health, cat digestive systems are quite similar to those of humans. Just as with humans, cats can suffer from a number of digestive disorders. In fact, constipation is relatively common in felines. Therefore, as a pet owner, it is important for you to understand how to recognize digestive problems as well as how to help your cat maintain a healthy colon.

Feline Constipation

Concerning colon health, cat constipation is relatively easy to recognize. Fortunately, it is fairly easy to help your cat recover from feline constipation.

Just as with human colon health, cat colon health problems have a great deal to do with the age of the cat. As in humans, older cats are more susceptible to constipation. Those that are eight-years-old and above are more likely to become constipated. Nonetheless, it is possible for a cat of any age to become constipated.

A cat with bowels that are functioning efficiently will usually have one or two bowel movements every day. Of course, just as with humans, every cat is different. Signs of feline constipation include:

  • No bowel movements, or very infrequent bowel movements
  • Straining during a bowel movement
  • Painful bowel movements
  • A sudden decrease in the amount of stool produced

When it comes to colon health, cat constipation is a sign that something is not working correctly within the digestive tract. And, if you fail to take action, your cat may become quite ill. Signs the constipation has advanced and is becoming serious include:

  • Failure to keep itself groomed
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Loss of appetite
  • Crouching and hunching up
  • Vomiting
  • Passing a small amount of diarrhea, which is runny and blood-tinged

Some potential causes of cat constipation include:

  • Ingesting foreign bodies, hair, and animal bones
  • A dirty litter box
  • Recent hospitalization
  • Lack of exercise (let your cat out to run)
  • Obstructions, such as improperly healed pelvic fractures or tumors
  • Medication
  • Hair matted with dirt/mud
  • Injuries from cat fights
  • Obesity (don’t overfeed your pet please or share your meals)
  • Parasites, usually obtained from dirt, animals, or unclean water

To maintain proper feline colon health, constipation needs to be treated as soon as possible. The first approach is to address the underlying cause of the problem. A cat that is dehydrated, for example, may receive intravenous or subcutaneous replacement fluids to help encourage a bowel movement.

If a change of the underlying cause is not enough to get things moving again, the veterinarian may administer an enema to your pet to help induce a bowel movement. If the cat is severely constipated, however, it may be necessary to place the cat under anesthesia and remove the feces manually. This can be a very time consuming process.

Feline Obstipation

Feline obstipation is similar to constipation, but must be treated differently. Whereas constipation is characterized by difficulty in eliminating waste, obstipation occurs when the cat’s bowels are blocked and it is unable to pass any waste at all. The cause of obstipation and the signs and symptoms of the disorder are usually the same as with constipation.

Feline Megacolon

A cat that suffers from chronic constipation or obstipation may ultimately develop Megacolon, which is a distended colon with poor movement. When this occurs, fecal matter remains in the colon and becomes continuously drier. As a result, the colon becomes filled with waste almost as hard as concrete.

Maintaining Colon Health Cat Style

Maintaining your cat’s colon health requires many of the same steps for maintaining the health of a human colon. Placing your cat on a high fiber diet, for example, will help prevent your cat from becoming constipated. Like humans, cats are unable to digest fiber. As the undigested fiber sits in your cat’s colon, it absorbs water and helps loosen the stool while also providing it with extra bulk.

Since cats tend to have more sensitive digestive systems than humans, however, it is important to implement a high fiber diet slowly. Changing your cat’s diet too abruptly can cause it to experience gas pain. Therefore, you should spend about five or seven days gradually modifying your cat’s diet.

Foods that can be added to your cat’s diet to increase its fiber intake include:

  • Canned pumpkin
  • Bran
  • Vegetable meal
  • Whole grains

Your cat may not want to eat any of these foods alone. Therefore, you will need to mix them in with your cat’s canned cat food. It is also important to ensure your cat drinks plenty of water. This is particularly important when increasing fiber consumption since the fiber will absorb water within your cat’s digestive system.

By helping your pet maintain proper colon health, its digestive problems should not be of serious concern. However, if problems arise, contact your veterinarian right away to take care of the issue before it worsens.

About the Author:
The Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center is sponsored by Global Healing Center, Inc. The Resource Center’s website features information on constipation, articles on colon cleansing, and research on the latest treatments. For more information, please visit The Colon Cleansing & Constipation Resource Center.

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Dogs Constipation

Does your dog have constipation? Does it happen frequently? Dogs sometimes, constipate for a number of reasons. If your dog starts constipating, don’t panic just yet. In this article, we’ll be looking at the various home remedies you could quickly apply to cure and relieve the dog of its constipation -if you suspect it has any.
If you are unsure of what the term constipation means, here is the definition. It is defined according to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary as the difficult or infrequent emptying of the bowels. Did you think it was only restricted to man? Now you know. Dogs too have it.

The following usually cause constipation;

1. Meals the dog is fed with. Foods containing high sugar content, rice, flour, high protein are the main culprits. Foods such as cookies, Ice cream, chocolate.

2. Lack of fiber in its meals.

3. Lack of water

4. Lack of good diet and exercise.

5. Feeding from the dinner table.

6. Psychological stress and lack of proper grooming

So what cures or home remedies can do the "magic"?

1. Maintain a healthy routine in terms of proper diet and exercise. This is necessary because exercise triggers the movement of the dog’s bowel. Exercise makes it possible for the dog to move its bowel. Walking your dog twice a day -if you can afford the time- is good. But if you can’t, make sure you do it once a day.

Another option you might want to consider is employing the services of a Dog walker. For a token fee, they could help you walk your dog around the neighborhood. To do this, consult your phonebook or phone directory for a listing. On the other hand, you might want to search for them online. You can easily do this by typing the Keyword "Dog walking services + Your State" in the search bar. For example, it could be "Dog walking services in Boston". You get the idea.

It works if you can trust other people with your dog. By the way, there is nothing to be worried about as all the dog walkers are usually confirmed to be excellent animal lovers. Therefore, your dog is safe. In the meantime, if you want to give a quick remedy, add two teaspoonfuls of bran to its meal and you are good to go.

2. Addition of half a teaspoonful of psyllium -Metamucil- to its meal twice a day.

3. Give your dog lots of water to drink, as feaces needs moisture to be easily expelled.

4. In cases where you have large build-up of hard stool, two teaspoonfuls of mineral oil should be added to its meal twice a day for a week.

Use these tips and you may not even need to see the vet. But if your dog’s condition has not improved after all these treatments and you notice its inability to pass stool, decreased appetite, passing of blood no matter how small, then it’s time to check in with the Vet.

By C. Olon
Published: 4/18/2007

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Best Colon Cleasing Products for Colon Health - Colon Cleanse

Colon Health - Colon Cleanse

All natural herbal colon cleansing treatment that has changed hundreds of thousands of people’s lives through our gentle and effective whole body safe and effective internal cleansing. Bowtrol is formulated to maximize one’s elimination without causing loose stools or uncomfortable cramping via frequent healthy bowel movements while assisting in cleansing the vital organs and lymphatic system.

colon health foodColon health is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Many people spend hours in the gym or health club, take walks every night, do power walking or jogging, endless push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and crunches, and go out of their way to become healthy, but never give a minute’s thought to their colons.

[Click for preview]     Dr Hiromi Shinya -- Colon cleanse therapy

The heart, live and lungs are all thought of, but the colon is often ignored, and that is a shame because the colon is one of the most important organs in the body, and one of the most complicated. Witness the fact that the colon contains more nerves than any other organ in the body other than the central nervous system itself, the brain and spinal column. The colon serves as a focal point for all food that enters the body to provide nutrients, and is the area where this food leaves the body in the form of waste or faecal matter.

nature herbal colon cleanseA problem with faecal matter is that it can become backed up in the colon, so keeping the colon cleansed is a major part of keeping it healthy, and gaining the benefits of a healthy colon for the rest of the body. Imagine if you will the walls of the colon lined with aging and deteriorating faecal matter. Not a pleasant thought, but a necessary one. This faecal matter contains bacteria which multiply. They in turn release toxins into the body.

These toxins are poisons that can make you sick. These results in a condition called spastic colon, or irritable bowel syndrome. This irritable bowel syndrome can result in constipation, diarrhea, headache, body ache, water retention, bloating, cramping and abdominal pain and discomfort. These symptoms can be alleviated through proper cleansing of the colon.

colon health - colon cleanse  

Proper cleansing is done through a healthy diet, high in fiber, low in fact, containing healthy foods like whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, and brown rice, green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce, and legumes, like black beans, pinto beans, green beans and even peanuts. Use of the supplement Bowtrol Colon Cleanser is also an important practice for cleaner and healthier colons.

Using Bowtrol Colon Cleanser along with healthy eating should result in more thorough and more regular bowel movements, hopefully two or three times a day. Using Bowtrol Colon Cleanser can help flush out the system and remove these harmful toxins. Bowtrol Colon Cleanser can help get the poisons out of your system, and should be used on a regular basis by those really concerned with their health.

Colonoscopy - colon cancer screening
Posted by: admin : Category: colon health. http://www.socalgastroenterologist.com/ Informatio.

Do I Really want To Use A Homemade Colon Cleanse?
A homemade colonic can be a wonderful way to empty your digestive tract of the build up.


Colon Cleanse Products Review

Colon Cleanse? Why you ask? It’s pretty simple, statistics are now showing that up to 60,000 people within the United States could die from colon cancer this year alone. Many deaths as a result of colorectal cancer could be prevented by a colon cleanse which would lead to a dip in those statistics regarding colorectal cancer. Many colon cleansing products have now come to the main front to try to aid in reducing this staggering number.

MSNBC, CBS News and many other news outlets have done reports on the increasing number of individuals being diagnosed with Colorectal cancer, which can be deadly. The focus has also shifted quite a bit towards colon cleanse and the resulting colon cleansing products that offer solutions.

In this colon cleanse report I’m going to outline to you a few colon cleanse products that drastically reduce your risk of contracting Colorectal cancer and aid in overall better colon health. First and foremost I should say that an improved diet is of utmost importance, as it’s not just the colon cleansing products that aid to cleanse your colon but your diet as well. Most forms of colorectal cancer can be prevented by a proper diet and regular checkups with your doctor for early detection. Colon cleanse is something you need to look into now and not later, and the two colon cleansing products I detail can provide significant help.

colonix review

Whatever foods we consume is eventually processed through the colon as waste matter, better known as feces. It is important that this waste matter is excreted from the body daily. Unfortunately some of us with irregular bowel movements can have a "blockage" or be "backed up" which can lead to toxins remaining in your colon.

These toxins can form polyps which can lead to colon cancer. Increasing the fiber in your diet, eating more fruits and vegetables can aid in regular bowel movements, but in cases where you want faster relief with proven results, you can use the colon cleansing products that I’m about to outline.

The first colon cleanse product is ColonMate, which you can read more about in detail at my blog by clicking here. This particular colon cleansing product can aid in flushing excess waste and toxins out of your colon. It will aid in reducing constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Another key aspect of this product is the ability to help destroy bacteria and parasites that feed on your body. A nice added benefit is that you’ll actually lose weight after using this colon cleanse product due to toxins and waste matter that were "clogged" now being excreted.

The second product that I recommend for a colon cleanse is called ColoPure. This colon cleansing product focuses on purifying and to detox your body. It’s actually been awarded "Best New detox product" by the American Readers Magazine and is said to be the purest way to detox your entire body. It aids in reducing toxic waste, increasing your energy, and eliminating gas, constipation along with harmful bacteria.

These are the two colon cleansing products that I go into deep detail about in my Colon Cleanse blog, so you can read more about it at my blog. The fact is, that colon cleanse is a necessity. Colon cleanse is not anything that should be placed on the "back burner". By taking the time to read this article, you’ve already taken the first step to better colon health by educating yourself with the issues affecting many Americans today, which is having an unhealthy colon.

colon cleasing products

Even if you do not take the time to get more details on these colon cleansing products, then be sure at least follow this colon cleanse regimen:

1) Change of diet (increase fiber, fruits and vegetables)
2) Regular daily exercise
3) Regular doctor visits to check for colon cancer risk

Be sure to also check for potential warning signs regarding your colon.

See these warning signs:

1) Bloody stools
2) Irritable bowel syndrome
3) Constipation (Cramps, bloating)
4) Constant fatigue
5) Narrow stools & change in bowel regularity

The stats for colorectal cancer only stand to increase, now is the time to use colon cleanse in tune with these colon cleansing products. You now have a solution for better colon health. I’ve detailed some colon cleanse prevention tips, listed warning signs, and recommended two colon cleansing products that you can read more about at my blog. It’s now time for you to take action.

By: Cheralis Slocombe

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

For more info visit my blog on Colon Cleanse

Life Cleanse Reviews - Colon Cleansing - Colon Cleanse
If you are talking about colon cleansing methods, you can’t forget Life Cleanse.

Colon Cleansing Product Reviews

Make sure you can get a refund if you don’t like the colon cleansing  product you buy.

Colon Cleanse Review | College Scholarships

There are many kinds of commercialized colon cleanser in the market right now, but the big brand names are: Colonix, OxyPowder and Dual Action Cleanse.


How To Remove Body Toxins

Toxins are starting to hit the headlines big time. More and more practitioners are beginning to understand the force toxins have in the body. Many doctors are still in denial about toxins in the colon and body and the effects they have on health.

A lot of being said about body toxins and colon toxins and removing toxins from the body. But what really are body toxins and where do they come from? And, why do we need to remove them? A toxin is a chemical or substance that creates irritation, inflammation, and imbalance in your body. Your body response quickly to chemicals that you eat, drink, or inhale that create irritation by creating inflammation. This inflammation, if maintained in your body for long periods, is the cause of serious disease and can decrease your life span.

romove body toxins

Body toxins create a dirty body like dirt creates a dirty house and this creates more work for your body to clean up these toxins. When a house is not cleaned regularly, bacteria, fungus, parasites, pathogens, bugs, rats, you name it start to move in. The same occurs in your body.

Body toxins are naturally acidic and they attract all kinds of pathogens, since they enjoy an acid environment. Disease thrives in an acid body and diminishes in an alkaline body. What type of body do you want?

Body toxins or colon toxins not only come from what you take into your body, but also, come from within your body. Unresolved emotions, feelings, or thoughts create chemicals that circulate within your body causing the same type of inflammation caused by the chemicals or substances that you eat.

It is estimated that 90% of all illnesses are created by psychological problems. If you have unresolved psychological issues that occurred in childhood, teen years, or adult life, then this will have an impact on your lifestyle choice. You will most likely chose those relationships with people, food, addictive substances, or behaviors that will keep you from dealing with those unresolved issues. These unresolved emotional issues create toxins and free radicals that wear down your body.

romove dangerous body toxic

Doing a yearly body cleanse is a necessity, now a days, if you want to eliminate toxins that slowly build a place to live and create a disease that maintains their existence. A body cleanse can be a colon, liver, kidney, lymph, or blood cleanse. A colon cleanse is a good place start; unless you have stones in your liver or kidney, then this is the place to start.

There are a variety of different cleanses that you can choose from. The important thing is to choose so you can see the effects of the cleanse. Once you do a cleanse, then you will see that is it worth doing each or sooner. Cleanses do not have to be complicated. You can do a simple three day juice cleanse to get started. Then, when you do another cleanse, add herbs that assist in cleansing. And still when you do another cleanse, add special supplements that help reduce or eliminate toxins.

Body toxins, colon toxins, and free radicals are destructive in your body, because they begin the process of disease. If you want to have fewer body toxins and less disease, then you need to clean your inside body, frequently, like you do the outside of your body. You can start with a simple 3 - 5 day cleanse just to get over the idea that a cleanse is hard or takes to much time. Using a juice cleanse is the best way to do a cleanse.

By: Rudy S. Silva

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

 Rudy Silva is nutritionist that specializes in using natural remedies for better health. For more information and tips on colon cleansing with fruits and vegetables go to: www.coloncleanse.for–you.com or signup for his newsletter and get a free constipation relief report at: www.natural-remedies-thatwork.com

Removing Body Toxins
The charity Sense about Science has challenged the culture of Detox by reviewing the claims made by a range of products.

Detox Body With Herbal Detoxification
Herbal detoxification will helps people to reduce their weight without loss of energy in the body and also helps the people to remove the toxins

Well managed home Body Detox

Because of build-up of excess toxins, the natural detox system that is pre-equipped in our body becomes unable to cope with it and hence it leads to several health issues


Benefits Of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic hydrotherapy has been said up to have a lot of medical benefits. The technique essentially gets rids of a lot of waste and toxic products from the intestine by means of flushing the colon with water, but does it make anyone healthier or cure any diseases?

Colonic hydrotherapy, also known as colonic irrigation is used to bring back your colon to life. Colon hydrotherapy is offered to those individuals who have experienced problems with their colon like irregular bowel movements, etc. Trained professionals who conduct colonic hydrotherapy to the individuals are known as colonic hydrotherapists.

New colon hydrotherapy

Normally the colonic hydrotherapy process involves the gradual pumping of about sixty liters of purified water. The mechanism used takes advantage of the readily available water, the force of gravity and well specialized sterilized rubber tubing. It takes only a maximum of forty five minutes where water is directed into the colon via the rectum using the rubber tube while lying on the sides at a time and expelled periodically.

The popularity of colon hydrotherapy is eminently understandable, in a world where we become increasingly aware of the dangers of many aspects of our modern lifestyle. With the easy availability of information through such mediums as television, video, and the local library, and more recently the Internet, most of us strive to do the best we can in maintaining our health, and grasp eagerly any chance we can find to improve our wellbeing.

One of these ancient detoxification treatments that is quickly regaining its popularity in modern society is colon hydrotherapy. It is a cleansing process that is typified by the gentle and regulated introduction of sterilized water to the entire length of the colon through the rectum. The purpose of this treatment is to remove all impacted waste matters in the colon. These hardened accumulated wastes are believed to be the breeding ground of bad bacteria in the colon as well as the source of toxins.

Weight loss can also be attained through fasting or colon hydrotherapy. The procedure actually flushes out all the accumulated wastes in the colon. These wastes could weigh from 2 pounds to 25 pounds. Just imagine how much weight is pressing down on the the other organs of the body and this is partly what causes cramps during menstruation. Moreover, the lingering and proliferating toxins in the body which are partially originating from the wastes in the colon can weigh down on the entire body.

colon hydrotherapy 1st time

The therapy is recommended by those who believe in the holistic guides but there are scientists who do not follow this. They think that colonic irrigation is not necessary at all and risky too. The tube may cause infection and the good bacteria that are very important to be present in the colonic are washed away with the dirt. These good bacteria are not re-circulated and therefore cause worse problems. The scientists hold that colonic hydrotherapy can do only harm and do no good.

By: Hutch Peter

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Read about Natural Remedies. Also read about Uterine Bleeding and Vaginal Discharge


So I need a colon wash or Colon hydrotherapyI have done every diet in the book… I have been even medicated but this is the best.

Colon Cleansing Equipments - How They Work?

The hydrotherapy colon cleansing equipment also comes with various accessories. The hydrotherapy colon cleansing equipments comes in a compact design that make it easy to use.

Colon Hydrotherapy , a path to detox

There are different colon hydrotherapy procedures. Both are uniquely different and cater for different problems the client may have. Each one is carried out on the same device


Colon Health and Cleansing

Colon Health is the Key

Aside from the benefits that fiber provides for your colon, it may also promote cholesterol health. Taking products and foods that have high amounts of fiber is a great start in cleaning the colon and can act as a real good cleanser.

Colon health is becoming exceedingly important; colon related diseases are some of the most prevalent diseases among Americans today. Colon health is dependent on the maintenance of beneficial intestinal bacteria and proper elimination. Colon therapy is a form of healthcare that in theory restores the function of the colon. Colon therapy refers to flushing water through the entire length of the colonor large intestine.

The therapy exercises colon muscles and helps reshape the colon and stimulates reflex points in the colon that relate to other body organs (similar to reflexology). A colon therapy session (colonics, colon hydrotherapy or high colonic as they are sometimes referred to) is used for cleansing, however there are many other benefits. And based on the type of high fat/low fiber diet contemporary Americans, (Heartlanders included,) typically follow, there seems no time more than the present that colonic therapy might be appropriate. Proper colon health is a very important part of a healthy body.

colon cleansing natural herbs  herbs remedies for colon cleansing natural herbs used in colon cleanse


Where food is concerned, the typical western diet is loaded with pesticides, has been treated with artificial fertilizer and contains artificial preservatives. Conventional diets comprised of refined, processed foods, high in saturated fats, and low in fiber contribute to many problems associated with the large intestine. When the colon is packed with accumulated, hardened feces due to a poor diet, constipation, or some other gastrointestinal problem, waste can build up.

There are several general causes for this waste buildup to occur: Bad Dietary Habits: eating low fiber, high-fat foods; eating too much or too quickly; poor food combinations (eating foods that need combining digestive enzymes, like the classic American meat and potatoes dinner, so some of it sits and begins to decompose); and/or drinking large quantities of liquids at meals that dilute digestive enzymes. Most conventional doctors do agree, however, that avoiding red meat and other fatty foods, and eating a healthy, high-fiber diet, is the best way to keep the colon healthy.

colon health and cleansingcolon health and cleansing


The practice of cleansing ones colon (lower bowel) is by no means, a new idea, and when you discover some of its many benefits, you may be encouraged to pursue this further. A problem with faecal matter is that it can become backed up in the colon, so keeping the colon cleansed is a major part of keeping it healthy, and gaining the benefits of a healthy colon for the rest of the body. Colon therapy offers many health benefits including detoxification, cleansing of the bloodstream and the stimulation of internal organs. Additional benefits can often be observed throughout the body in the form of clearer skin, more energy and mental clarity, fewer headaches, with circulatory, immune and weight problems often improving, amongst many other positive side effects.


Difficulties controlling weight may be due to the excess garbage piled up in the colon. Did you know you can actually control or lose weight by removing the toxic build-up from your colon. it is interesting to note that many people who complete a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions, often report significant weight losses. Because you are used to carrying about the waste in your bowels, using a colon cleansing agent will get rid of the faeces impacted in the bowel hence, also getting rid of the excess weight that comes with the faeces. Along with weight reduction and folic acid supplementation, a good intake of dietary fiber is also essential.


Fiber received little respect until the 1970’s when evidence began to emerge documenting its nutritional value. Fiber will increase the volume of stools, thereby increasing the frequency of evacuation. Aside from the benefits that fiber provides for your colon, it may also promote cholesterol health. Taking products and foods that have high amounts of fiber is a great start in cleaning the colon and can act as a real good cleanser. If the bowel is basically normal, dietary fiber increases the bulk of the stool, softens it, and speeds transit time.

Colon health is important and diet, fat consumption and fiber content can all impact the health of the colon. Good colon health is as much a function of the quality of food we eat, as it is our elimination status. It is believed that colon therapy can relieve a score of symptoms from gas, bloating, and constipation to depression, insomnia, and headaches. In practice, the herbal colon therapy has proved to be almost a specific for spastic colitis.

Colon Health is the Key to a Long, Happy, Disease-free Life
Colon health is important and diet, fat consumption and fiber content can all impact the health of the colon. Good colon health is as much a function of the quality of food we eat, as it is our elimination status.

   By Paul Rodgers
Published: 7/29/2008

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