Colon Cleansing Products - 10 Questions To Ask Before Buying One

If you’ve been looking around on the internet for a good quality colon cleanse you’ve no doubt run across a wide variety of products. With such a selection available it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you to use now.

As someone who has tried 17 different cleanses over the years, I’ve definitely done a lot of searching too. In my experience I’ve found that not all cleanses work very well and that some are not even very safe. I’ve put this article together so that you can benefit from my experience while deciding which one you might like to buy.

 Best Colon Cleansing Products

Here is a list of the top 10 questions to ask before purchasing any colon cleansing product.

1.Are all the ingredients used in the product organic? If not, you may be using a product that contains chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.

2.If herbs are used - are they fresh? This is important because herbs lose potency over time.

3.Are there any fillers or other ingredients added to the cleanse in any way? Some cleanses include ingredients that are totally unnecessary.

4.Does the product include complete instructions for taking the formulas?

5.Are the instructions easy to follow and very clearly outlined?

6.Has the product been shown to be safe - as evidenced by people’s direct experience?

7.Does the product cleanse all major organs at the same time - including the liver, kidneys and colon?

Colon Cleansing Products

8.Does the product require you to make a monthly purchase? Some cleansing products on the market are set up to work slowly and require several purchases to get the benefits.

9.Are instructions for following a colon cleansing diet? Diet is key to all kinds of cleansing, so make sure this is in place before purchasing any product.

10. What kind of follow up and customer service does the product come with? It can be very important to have easy access to customer support during your cleanse in case you have any questions.

By: Mark Ament

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